The enormous growth of cloud services for both web and mobile has created a growing demand for cloud applications. Companies are looking to improve business performance through cloud apps that are either enterprise (single-tenant) or software-as-a-service (multi-tenant) solutions.

A recent report, The Mobile Cloud Survival Series written by Heavy Reading and BSG Advisory, suggests that cloud services have become monumental. According to the report cloud services are exploding into over a one trillion dollar industry and playing a pivotal role in the growth of the national economy. For this reason, market drivers in the information and communication technology sectors are strategizing how to successfully integrate the mass market cloud into their businesses. The fact is cloud computing has grown at a rapid rate and shows no signs of stopping. According to a study done by Cisco, in 2015 cloud computing is expected to have spiked twelve-fold since 2010.

Why is this happening?

Across the board, the usage of cloud-based applications have risen significantly in just past few years and will continue to grow. On all levels of a business and for any size business, cloud apps provide the most efficient ways to collaborate, share, and be productive. According to a survey of IT professionals that use cloud hosted apps, usage of cloud apps in business has doubled in the last year. While many companies have adopted a top down shift to cloud app services, many employees of companies that have yet to establish the guideline took the initiative and made the switch themselves. The majority of small businesses are now using at least 2-3 cloud-based applications on daily basis.

As the popularity of cloud applications has grown, mobile cloud computing has followed. According to a survey, the consumer and enterprise markets for cloud-based mobile applications is expected to grow over $10 billion by next year. A study from Gartner cites that the cloud’s easy transferability across multiple devices is one of the key reasons why more users are adapting it. Cloud apps have become a necessity for the businesses that continue to rely more and more on web and mobile applications to transform their businesses.

What’s next?

It is clear that the relevance of cloud services and cloud app development has an upward trajectory. In fact, one could argue that the cloud is poised to fundamentally change not only the tech world, but all industries. The efficiency that it provides improves productivity and ultimately creates more opportunities for businesses to become more effective. But how far can it go?

Well, if the experts are correct, we’re just scratching the surface.

Blake Scott
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