About D.R. Horton

D. R. Horton (DHI) is a national home builder with headquarters in Dallas/Fortworth, Texas. Since 2002, D. R. Horton is ranked #1 builder in the USA. D. R. Horton demonstrates its leadership in residential development through design innovation, superior craftsmanship, and responsiveness to the needs of its customers.

“Invonto team helped us build a construction scheduling application for web and mobile. Their development processes, project management skills, and high quality work helped us deliver project on time and budget.”

Karen Hanshaw
Director of Applications


D. R. Horton was using an antiquated system for managing housing development projects and monitoring construction scheduling activities. This system was not adequate for supporting enormous growth in D. R. Horton’s home construction business. They needed a new, scalable construction scheduling application for their internal employees and vendors.


Scalable Digital Solution | Mobility | Cost & Accounting Integration | Project Collaboration


Prior to developing enterprise solutions for D. R. Horton, it was important for us to learn more about their business processes and construction industry. From our interaction with D. R. Horton team and from frequent visits to their construction sites, we learned that the home construction activities are not just limited to building a house. The lifecycle involves land acquisition, neighborhood planning, coming up with unique housing products for each market, developing and managing construction schedules, offsite and onsite building activities, quality control, and managing labor and materials. This initial discovery stage helped us design a solution that would cover all aspects of home construction.


Construction Scheduling Application for Enterprise Cloud

Construction Scheduling application for D. R. Horton included a cloud-based enterprise application and a mobile application. As part of software implementation, we migrated data from client’s legacy software to the cloud-based scheduling application. We integrated application with client’s sales and accounting systems. Key functions included

  • User login and role management
  • Managing Single and Multi-unit Schedules
  • Region, Division, Community, and Lot management
  • Template, Options, and Color Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Import / Export
  • Reporting
  • Notifications

Field Service Application for Mobile

We developed a custom mobile application for D. R. Horton’s field users that work from construction sites every day. One of the main feature of this application was to allow users manage their tasks using their mobile phones even when they are disconnected from the internet. Key functions for mobile application included:

  • User login and role management
  • Task Management
  • Multimedia Attachment
  • Project Management
  • Issue Reporting
  • Offline Mode


New application helped client team collaborate on managing construction schedules effectively, shortened delivery timeline for housing projects, and saved over $50 Million each year from operational efficiency.

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