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Gotham mini storage is a self storage provider. Located in a former DHL building near Hudson yards in New York City, Gotham Mini Storage offers a variety of storage units for personal and business storage and space for special events.


Gotham Mini Storage was founded in Manhattan, New York City; one of the competitive markets to establish a new self storage business. The main challenge was to develop a strong brand and quickly attract new business to become a profitable business.


Brand Development | Business Growth | Customer Experience

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Helping Gotham Mini Storage with its digital strategy, website, and brand building was a unique experience. We first had to research New York City self-storage market to understand competition as well as customer needs. Our team created brand strategy and website design based on our market research. We developed a mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website. We created digital outreach campaigns that carried same branding guidelines and established Gotham Mini Storage as a premium, safer, and affordable self-storage provider for personal, business, and student storage needs.


New website and brand building efforts provided Gotham Mini Storage recognition and customer reach it required to set its footing in the highly competitive New York City market. Mobile-friendly and responsive website helped business provide intuitive user experience to the customers. In a short span, Gotham Mini Storage gained a steady flow of new customers to become a profitable venture.

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