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Sealed Air Corporation (SEE) is a leading packaging solutions provider with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sealed Air provides custom packaging solutions for the world’s top brands.


Sealed Air product care division operated on legacy systems and processes making their business operations slow, expensive, and less competitive. Some of their challenges included:
  • Sales representatives manually gathered specifications for the products needing packaging solutions using paper forms
  • Designers were preparing packaging solutions using software but did not have a way to share that with customers
  • Technical expertise and capabilities were not shared across their entire business causing inconsistencies and duplication of work
  • Customers and trade partners were not able to contribute
  • Lack of management oversight on business performance and trends
To overcome these challenges, we wanted to build a custom digital solution to transform Sealed Air packaging offerings.


Digital Transformation | Process Automation | Enterprise Mobility | Revenue Growth


When we met with Sealed Air, our idea was to build a mobile application for their sales and account reps. They did not have defined digital strategies or goals. Our team gathered detailed requirements from onsite working sessions. Those discoveries led to developing long term digital strategies, creating a product roadmap, and defining digital solutions required to meet their business objectives and goals. Initially, Sealed Air wanted to develop a mobile application, however, their ultimate need was to create a suite of products covering multiple use cases in their packaging processes. Invonto developed a unique digital solution for each use case following agile development best practices. To maintain full transparency on development status, solutions were built in conjunction with Sealed Air employees. On completing each milestone, we reviewed progress with Sealed Air and released updates to end users following standard devops processes. We delivered each solution on time and within budget to meet client expectations. Tech Stack:
  • Invision App (for UX prototyping)
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL
  • GIT
  • BLE (IoT)
  • Web APIs
  • iOS

Solution #1: Project Management Application

The Sealed Air product care division needed to improve how they gathered product specifications from customers. In addition, they needed to efficiently design custom packaging solutions according to the customer’s feedback. We designed and developed a cloud-based project management application, called Insights, hosted on the AWS infrastructure accompanied by a mobile app. This application streamlined Sealed Air packaging design process and brought consistency to the workflow of sales reps and designers across the globe. As part of the solution requirement, we built API interfaces with SAP ERP and CRM systems as well as built a developer API for Sealed Air’s reporting, design, and analytics platforms. Key Functions:
  • User login and role management ensuring secure data access
  • Creating and managing packaging design projects
  • Manage customer company and contact data
  • Manage equipment system details
  • Ability to upload and view photos & videos
  • Ability to setup step-by-step instructions for packaging solutions
  • Ability to export data into pdf format
  • Multi-lingual support for global users
  • Email notifications and messaging capabilities for improved team communication
  • Analytics tracking for monitoring application usage
  • Intelligence-driven knowledge rating systems
  • Sustainability calculator for measuring the reduction in carbon footprint
  • Ability to record details of existing packaging solution and proposed packaging solution
  • Ability to generate an email value analysis and costs to the customer
  • Manage training manuals
  • Content management system for context-based translation
  • Barcode and QR Code scanning
  • API Integration with ERP, CRM, Reporting, Analytics, and Design systems
  • Desktop and Phone application

Solution #2: Knowledge Sharing Platform

After Sealed Air’s team started using the newly launched project management application, they were quickly and efficiently able to document thousands of projects. The early success paved a way for the next digital solution allowing designers, reps, and trade partners to have access to critical data of all Sealed Air projects. Invonto designed and developed a digital solution that allowed users to research on packaging design projects, learn from the prior design solutions, and use that knowledge for the new packaging design projects. This platform, called PackShare, also served as a pitch deck/sales platform allowing sales & account reps to demonstrate Sealed Air’s capabilities to prospects. Key Functions:
  • User login and role management ensuring secure data access
  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Search & filter packaging design projects
  • Multilingual search capabilities with google translation to match searched term with data entered in any other language
  • Ability to view packaging solution designs
  • Desktop and Tablet applications

Solution #3: Customer Portal with IoT capabilities

Sealed Air identified a need for their customers to have a solution that helps them effectively manage their own packaging processes; improving productivity and reducing damage. To meet this need, Invonto designed a cloud-based solution and a tablet application for the technicians to run the packaging process in front of an equipment. This solution, called PackOS, included step-by-step instructions with photos and videos to walk a packer through the packaging process for all of the customer’s products. This solution helped customers make packaging processes more efficient and precise, reducing waste. Key Functions:
  • User login and role management ensuring secure data  access
  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Ability to setup multiple packing instructions
  • Ability to export data
  • Manage company file attachments
  • Manage packaging equipment
  • Automate packing process on packaging equipment
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Barcode scanning
  • Desktop and Tablet applications

Solution #4: KPI Dashboard Application

New digital solutions supercharged Sealed Air’s packaging portfolio with an average of 14,000 new packaging design projects each year. Their management team needed to analyze key-performance-indicators to set business directions & goals. Invonto helped meet this need by designing & developing a KPI dashboard application. Key Functions:
  • Data analysis and aggregation for multiple KPI categories
  • Heat map view highlighting top performing locations
  • Displaying trends by industry to identify growth sectors
  • Recognizing top sales rep, account rep, and packaging designer in each region
  • Identifying business value delivered to customers for damage reduction, space optimization, and customer satisfaction

Solution #5: Packaging Sustainability Solution

Sealed Air is committed towards sustainability and improving our environment. Sealed Air is achieving this by delivering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that address environmental impact and reduce waste. In 2015, Sealed Air announced their sustainability goals for 2025. As part of the initiatives to measure progress towards Sealed Air’s sustainability goals, we built a Damage Footprint Calculator. This application allows users to calculate packaging waste reductions based on the reduction in damage rate. This enables Sealed Air to see how a particular packaging solution not only reduces costs, but reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Solution #6: Mobile Application with QR scanning

One of the common challenge faced by all businesses is traceability and timely access to data. One of the challenges Sealed Air’s business faced was not being able to identify specific packaging solution used for a product packaging. To overcome this, we built a mobile app with the QR scan capability. By using this app, users are able to retrieve key details of the packaging solution as well as generate data that helped analyze root causes for the damaged packages. Key Functions:
  • User login
  • Ability to scan QR code
  • Viewing packaging details
  • Generating notifications for data reporting
  • Multi-lingual support


Each new digital solution helped Sealed Air transform their business operations to become an industry disruptor. Collaboration amongst field reps, packaging designers, customers, and trade partners improved significantly. With improvised business processes and digital tools, Sealed Air Corporation sales grew substantially providing a high ROI on their digital investment. Some of the solutions grew to become revenue-generating products. All solutions were completed over 4.5 years and required a total investment of $3.75M.
$20M +
Annual Growth
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