About D.R. Horton

D. R. Horton (DHI) is a national home builder located in Dallas, Texas. Since 2002, D. R. Horton is the #1 builder in the USA. They build beautiful custom homes and demonstrate leadership in residential development. A focus on design, construction, and service have led to their continued success.

Invonto team helped us build construction scheduling software for web and mobile. Their development processes, project management skills, and high-quality work helped us deliver the project on time and budget.

Karen Hanshaw
Director of Applications


D. R. Horton needed to improve their system for construction management and project tracking. The legacy system was hindering them from scaling their construction business. Scalable project scheduling software would benefit their employees and vendors.


Scalable Digital Solution | Enterprise Mobility | Cost & Accounting Integration | Project Collaboration


During our discovery stage, we worked with D.R. Horton to learn everything about their business. They shared their construction process, goals, and challenges with the legacy system. We defined how construction scheduling software could help benefit D.R. Horton. The software needed to plan, assign, and manage activities between teams. This included the field employees, office staff, and vendors.

Construction scheduling software for D.R. Horton, desktop view.
Construction scheduling software for D.R. Horton, tablet view

Solution #1: Construction Scheduling Software for Enterprise Cloud

We concluded D.R. Horton’s construction scheduling software should deliver on two experiences. The first being a cloud-based web solution. The second being a field service mobile application. Each solution would manage various aspects of the project life cycle. With this goal in mind, we migrated D.R. Horton’s data to the cloud-based project management scheduling software application. We integrated new digital products into their financial systems. This served to improve project workflows.


User login and role management

Construction Management

Single family homes and multi-unit buildings

Data Management

Manage hierarchical data for regions, divisions, community, and lots

Construction Templates

Option selections and configurations specific to each plan

Vendor Participation

Allows for vendor feedback directly within the platform

Track Issues

Manage punch lists and track construction issues

KPI Reporting

Improved business processes and data forecasting


Email notifications and messaging capabilities for improved team communication

Solution #2: Field Service Application for Mobile

The new mobile app allowed users to manage tasks using a smartphone. We integrated an offline featured that was crucial for field employees. They spent most of their days at construction sites. Accessing data without WIFI was important to D.R. Horton. The field service application improved all efforts between departments. The new mobile app increased employee yield by 18%.


User login and role management


Plan and monitor construction activities

Issue Tracking

Access punch lists and track issues

Photo Upload

Capture job site photos


Collaboration with back-office staff

Offline Support

Stay productive and work offline without network connectivity


Both construction scheduling software applications were a huge success. The team could manage schedules and optimize project delivery. The applications saved over $50 million each year in project costs. As a result of this initiative, D.R. Horton introduced new digital products. Our construction scheduling software paved the way for customer portals and warranty programs. We were happy to see D.R. Horton continue to innovate beyond the project. Learn more about our construction software development services.

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