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Education Institutions have a massive opportunity to create new educational products and transform existing products into digital mediums. Offline lectures are now available online to more students. Digital tests and quizzes are documented to track student progress. Student admissions can digitize its records to streamline the registration process. IoT provides plenty of advanced data to help automate useful processes including smart lighting and thermostats within the school. As more campuses evolve into mini-cities, institutions can install information kiosks, optimize energy usage, and improve campus security. Keep students informed through accessible mobile applications that they can use to organize their student life, pay for campus meals, and use student transportation services. Integrate an AI-powered chatbot in your mobile app to answer student questions and provide them high quality customer service. Augmented and virtual reality are already being used in the classroom to further enhance the learning experience. Why read about World History, when you can experience it from your desk? Help students understand math through interactive visualization. Interview famous authors long gone to learn more about their creative works. Each educational program can benefit from virtual and augmented reality. By investing in these technologies, educational institutions can expect to see students more immersed in learning, higher student retention rates, and lower overall operational costs.

Digital adoption is a massive opportunity for companies who leverage the right technologies.

Daniel Newman, Forbes


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