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Usage of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, have exploded over the last decade. Consumers spend on average more than 3 hours each day on their mobile devices. This offers companies a great opportunity to transform their operations taking mobile first approach. Custom mobile applications enable companies to improve customer engagement and develop new revenue channels.

Mobile app development can be a huge undertaking for any company. Over the last decade, Invonto has created iOS and Android mobile apps for companies across the USA. As one of the top mobile app development companies in the United States, Invonto has expertise creating mobile apps for real estate, finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, industrial engineering, transportation, entertainment, and education industries. We offer full life cycle app development helping you throughout the mobile app development process. We will help you create an enterprise mobility strategy and guide you from app design and programming through it’s launch. Our app agency will help turn your app idea into a success story.

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Mobility Strategy

Successful custom mobile app development needs a well defined enterprise mobility strategy. An effective mobile strategy includes competitor research, business goals, and product roadmap. Invonto has guided many companies through their successful transformation. We will help you define and execute on mobile strategy for your company. Learn the process we follow for creating effective mobile strategy.

User Experience Design

Mobile users prefer apps that look great and function well. That has made app design an integral part of a mobile app development process. Mobile apps with intuitive user design sees better user adoption. In mobile app design, usability of the app is as important as the functionality since users have smaller devices and fewer controls compared with a desktop application. Our app agency takes a design first approach to the app development. Our app designers create mobile app designs following the best practices and app store UI guidelines. Our app designers use Sketch, Invision, Figma, and Adobe for creating mobile UI design. We convert your ideas into wireframes and high-end prototypes. App prototype will help you finalize app requirements before development begins.

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iOS app development for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad

iOS App Development

Invonto has been a leading iOS app development company building iOS mobile applications since 2009. We offer iOS app development to create native iPhone and iPad apps. Our iOS app developers have created many successful iPhone and iPad apps for companies across the USA. Some of our iOS success stories include a mobile banking application for Transamerica, a construction project management app for D. R. Horton, and a delivery tracking application for Party Rental.

Android App Development

The Android ecosystem is complex compared with iOS. There are numerous manufacturers producing Android-based devices. The range and capabilities of these devices vary greatly. This makes it complicated to create and support Android apps. Invonto has been a leading Android app developer since 2010. Over the years, our Android app developers have created many Android phone and tablet applications. We understand the complexities involved in creating successful Android apps. Some of our Android success stories include telecommunication app for Intrado, casino-style gaming app for SudokuPDQ, and voting app for America’s Got Talent.

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Mobile App Development Process

Our mobile app development process spans six stages. We first develop a mobile development strategy. Next, we focus on the user experience through app design. After finalizing app design and specifications, we create a milestone-based development plan and build application. When app development is complete, we perform thorough testing to deliver a stable, usable, and secured product. With our proven mobile app development process, we build apps on time and within budget. Learn more about our mobile app development process.

Mobile App Testing

Invonto offers mobile app testing services to thoroughly validate your app before it is launched. As part of our mobile app testing, we test app’s functionality and usability. Performance and security are other success criteria. We perform multi-user testing at different data bandwidth to simulate end-user experience. We verify data encryption and protection. Mobile app testing makes applications stable, usable, and secure. This improves user adoption and retention.

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R&D and Prototyping

Modern iOS and Android applications are complex. Many mobile apps involve data storage, multimedia, maps, and payment integration. Advanced mobile apps include machine learning, internet of things, and augmented reality capabilities. Creating a full-featured iOS and Android application can take time and money. Many companies consider creating a proof-of-concept or a minimum-viable-product to test their idea first. Invonto offers research and development services for mobile, internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI & machine learning. R&D services from our app development agency allow companies to validate app ideas rapidly and at a fraction of cost. This helps companies to test out different concepts before investing heavily into full-featured app development.

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