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Pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations can become more deeply integrated in the patient and provider decision-making process by leveraging new digital tools. While providers will continue to see challenges, the vast opportunities ahead cannot be ignored. To be successful in their digital adoption, pharma and healthcare companies will need to integrate digital strategies as part of their overall business strategy. Healthcare software solutions offer immense opportunities for improving patient outcomes, experiences, and care. The way providers and patients interact is changing for the better. The digitization of healthcare means providers can use EHR (electronic health records) to achieve measurable results that improve patient engagement. Artificial intelligence can be utilized to reduce health risks, improve assessments, and establish population health initiatives. Cloud solutions and IoT devices can improve system interoperability. Virtual care will continue to grow, promising to reduce healthcare costs and reach those in need. Health information will be better protected as we take greater strides toward data security.

Digital adoption is a massive opportunity for companies who leverage the right technologies.

Harvard Business Review


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