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Augmented Reality applications are no longer a fad. AR bridges the gap between our digital and physical world by overlaying digital data on our surroundings. Through this process, AR solutions deliver immersive experiences to enhance how users interact with products and services of businesses across industries. Organizations can use AR apps for improving internal processes, offering immersive employee training, boost e-commerce sales, accelerating manufacturing and much more.

Imagine new homeowners with the ability to experience their dream home in a new way or being able to select cabinet or countertop design options from the comfort of their home. In industrial engineering, AR can create models and simulations without having to build actual prototypes, significantly saving in time & cost. In retail, augmented reality solutions can deliver the best shopping experience and increase product sales. AR has several more use cases in healthcare, sports, education, logistics, and other industries.

AR development solutions by Invonto

Immersive User Experiences

UX is the most important aspect in building any augmented reality applications. AR apps offer immersive user experience that goes beyond screen of a device. AR app designs are geared more towards designing scenes than designing screens. At Invonto, our UX team creates flexible designs for AR apps and provide a strong user experience that will capture your audience.

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Visualization and Asset Creation

We take any idea and bring it to life using advanced 3D modeling and animation. Our 3D artists deliver realistic and creative assets to create fully immersive experiences.

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Invonto provides augmented reality app development solutions

AR Capabilities

With a decade of experience in building complex technology solutions for mobile and with skills for delivering amazing user experiences, we have the expertise to build augmented reality apps for your business. At Invonto, our primary focus is on building enterprise AR apps that solve business problems, reduce costs, and create new opportunities. Our AR solutions include training simulators, 360 walkthroughs, 3D modeling, geolocation apps, and conceptual designs.

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AR Technologies

We build enterprise AR applications that offer interactive features and immersive user experiences. These solutions are powered by some of the best technologies available today. Our AR app developers build enterprise AR apps using:

  • ARKit
  • ARCore
  • AR.js
  • A-Frame
  • C#
  • Vuforia
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
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Augmented reality app development requires specific tools. Here is the tech stack Invonto uses to produce augmented reality apps.
Invonto provides augmented reality app development solutions

Augmented Reality Applications

The Invonto development team is actively experimenting with augmented reality technology. Our goal is to utilize AR to build innovative new solutions for our clients. Check out our most recent augmented reality applications below:

AR Home Walkthrough App

An enterprise augmented reality application for homebuilders for turning leads into customers through immersive user experiences. Learn more


An augmented reality platform that strengthens brand recognition and reaches new audiences with personalized product visualization. Learn more


An augmented reality platform for companies to captivate their audiences with custom and engaging AR experiences. Learn more

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