Developing An Omnichannel Strategy To Delight Your Customer

Whether you are a travel agency, airline, hotel, or restaurant, understanding the customer journey is quintessential to your business goals. Before a consumer makes a transaction they search for the information before a trip, compare and check feedbacks, reserve tickets, hotels, as well as request a virtual tour of their potential destination. Every customer journey is different and spans multiple platforms. In order to optimize the customer experience, businesses must invest in data analytics. By implementing machine learning and data analytics, companies can identify customer behaviors and make product decisions. With customer data analytics, businesses can further personalize the customer journey to share unique offers and packages for different products and services. For example, Marriott hotels have been using AI-powered chatbots to streamline reservation changes, check on account balances or redemption vouchers. Branded mobile apps can deliver personalized emails to engage customers and maintain consistent communication. Virtual reality allows future guests to tour their room without even leaving their home; further cementing the value you offer. Throughout the travel and hospitality ecosystem, there are many opportunities to improve the customer journey.

Digital adoption is a massive opportunity for companies who leverage the right technologies.


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