A Frightfully Entertaining Virtual Reality Experience

You wake up in a large room. Rain batters the creaky rooftop. Papers scatter the dusty tapestry. The gong of a bell echoes the water-stained walls. You have no recollection of how you arrived here...wherever here is. With nothing but your wits, you must frantically explore this derelict mansion for a means of escape. Arm yourself with courage and beware...you might not be alone in Mansion on the Hill.

Invonto, a New Jersey technology consulting company, presents a brand new virtual reality experience. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, virtual reality technology can immerse audiences in an infinite number of scenarios. Be anyone. Go anywhere. Experience anything. We built a unique haunted experience to highlight the power of virtual reality in a form of edutainment.

Engage Your Senses For A True Terror

Mansion on the Hill is a timed and enthralling experience placing users in a dark and damp Victorian home. The user must explore the floors of the old mansion in hopes of escape. The virtual reality experience engages users through skin-crawling sounds and startling visual effects. Users are able to interact with and grab objects as they explore each crevice of the mansion. Through virtual reality, we can engage the senses and transport users into any scenario. The possibilities are limitless.

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Creating the Mansion on the Hill Virtual Reality Experience

Our in-house virtual reality development team has created Mansion on the Hill VR app. Our primary goal was to build a contained environment that could be used to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of emerging technologies like virtual reality. The combination of realistic visuals, intuitive controls, and haunting sound design all contributed to an impressive user experience. The purpose of this experience is to get educated on the potential of VR technology through an entertaining experience.

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Realism Through Immersion

Mansion on the Hill is built with the Unity engine and can be experienced through the Oculus Quest, a wireless virtual reality headset. Unity provided a powerful game engine where we can implement object-oriented programming. For our project, it was crucial to build a realistic environment to fully immerse users into the experience. In addition, we tailored the sound design of the experience to heighten feelings of suspense as you walk through the mansion. Controllers allow you to have an interactive experience by navigating around the house and grabbing various objects.

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We Build Virtual Reality Applications for Businesses

Virtual reality has proven to be an effective tool to immerse users in an environment. While virtual reality is often associated with the gaming industry, more companies are realizing the potential of virtual reality to improve how customers and employees interact with a brand’s products and services. Virtual reality applications are impacting employee education, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition. Invonto’s dedicated development team builds custom virtual reality experiences for businesses across any industry. Learn more about our virtual reality development services.

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