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Star-Lo Electric is a leading electrical contractor in the U.S.A. Star-Lo offers services including electrical, data, and voice cabling. Additionally, Star-Lo works from initial drawings through implementation for data centers, sports complexes, alternative energy companies, and commercial buildings.


Star-Lo Electrics’ 500+ field employees were relying on manual workflows to manage their daily operational processes. The complex workflow required employees to fill 12 different PDF forms. As a result, field employees were not able to collaborate with back-office staff on customer projects effectively. This led to operational inefficiencies and data inaccuracies wasting time and money, in particular. In order to improve employee productivity and support client demands, Star-Lo needed a digital solution that would reduce backlogs, errors, redundancies, and paper-dependency across all daily tasks.


Operational Efficiency | Job Scheduling | Team Collaboration | Process Improvements


Based on our analysis of Star-Lo’s operational processes, we determined the company needed a digital solution. Specifically, the solution needed to be used across the business including field engineers, sales teams, payroll department, inventory department, and accounting. It was crucial for the new field service management application to offer an intuitive user experience for Star-Lo’s non-tech savvy users.

Star-Lo Electric field service management software - time sheet screenshot
Star-Lo Electric field service management software - change order screenshot 2

Field Service Management Software

We built the new field service management software as a cloud-based web application.  Equally important, the field service software was tablet-friendly and implemented a minimalist design approach to improve user adoption across office staff and field teams.  Afterward, we converted each order form into a user-friendly digital experience and included additional tools to improve existing processes.

Role management

Project management

Task management

Time tracking

New service orders

Change orders

Incident reporting


Material orders


Email notifications

Star-Lo Electric field service management software - project details screenshot
Star-Lo Electric field service management software - change order screenshot


The new field service management software helped Star-Lo streamline their processes, improve operational efficiencies, and increase employee productivity. As a result of their digital transformation, Star-Lo’s revenue increased by 7.5% and operational efficiency saved over $1 million each year. Shortly after, Star-Lo measured over 20% improvement in their bottom line and regained their initial investment.

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