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iConsultMD is a healthcare technology company founded by a group of experienced medical care providers in the United States. The mission of iConsultMD is to make expert medical care available to patients across the country through innovative technology solutions and medical apps.


Most medical facilities do not have the right skills on staff to provide proper medical treatment to patients with skin wounds and facial injuries. Often patients do not receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner. This affects patient outcomes as well as causes a lengthier recovery period.


Improve Patient Outcomes | Educate Practicing Doctors | Reduce Patient Follow Ups

Tech Stack:


We partnered with iConsultMD team to develop a telemedicine mobile app, ReconSTAT, that can improve patient care and outcomes. ReconSTAT is a service that provides practicing doctors with direct access to Plastic Surgeon Educators (PSE) for expert information and feedback on patient cases that may require some level of reconstructive plastic surgery. The service utilizes mobile app, web APIs, and back-end technologies to securely facilitate communication between between the practicing doctor and PSE for each client case. The PSE reviews the case information and provides relevant and specific information to the practicing doctor through a medical app, who then can determine the best method of treatment for the patient.

Key Functions:


User login and role management

Case Creation

Create new case for the new patient

Consultation Inquiry

Submit patient case to PSEs for treatment recommendation

Media Management

Capture and submit patient injury photos


Search knowledgebase for treatment plan and medications

PSE Scheduling

Manage PSE availability

Case Routing

Notify available PSEs of new case

Push Notifications

Push notifications for new cases and responses


ReconSTAT mobile healthcare app helped medical service professionals provide better treatment to their patients. As patients were receiving better treatment, it took substantially less time for them to recover. This resulted in reduced doctor visits and associated medical expenses.

Faster Recovery
Cost savings per case

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