Home Walkthrough is an enterprise augmented reality application for homebuilders. The app turns leads into customers by delivering an immersive and unique user experience to the potential home buyers.

The Home Walkthrough platform is a mobile application that utilizes augmented reality technology. As potential homebuyers walkthrough a model home, augmented reality physically immerses audiences by digitally overlaying customization options on physical plane. Watch our augmented reality demo video below to see what the Home Walkthrough app can do for your business:

Enhance The Home Buying Experience

Purchasing a home can be exhausting! Visiting multiple model homes. Driving to the design center. Home-buyers need to make tough decisions in a short amount of time. The Home Walkthrough AR app simplifies this process for your customers. With augmented reality, customers can interact with model homes. Using a mobile device, customers can scan images in each room to reveal digital content. By enhancing the experience, home builders can engage with customers, expect shorter sales cycles and improve win rates.

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Immerse Customers With Digital Content

Customers explore and interact with content through AR experiences. The Home Walkthrough App supports photos, videos, audio and 360 images. Customers can view floor plans and layouts. They can watch product videos for greater detail. Customers can view your digital product catalog. Better visualization means shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.

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Experience 360 video and image panoramas
Our augmented reality application gives homebuilders valuable audience insights. Pictured: The Home Walkthrough app lets users like products.

Improve Sales Conversions With Buyer Insights

As customers use Home Walkthrough, the app collects data about customer preferences. Sales teams with access to this data can improve their ability to close deals. Home builders can forecast trends and improve product offerings.

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Under The Hood Of The Home Walkthrough App

We strive to make superior digital experiences using the latest technology. We believe constant innovation solves challenging business objectives. The Home Walkthrough app shows how augmented reality can accomplish this. Our AR mobile app functions on iOS and Android devices. It uses AR Core, AR Kit, and Unity. The AR technology is scalable to expand with additional features. Custom AR apps can include object detection, headsets, and CRM integration. We can further customize the app to simulate different business cases. Learn more about our full range of app development services.

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Invonto built the Home Walkthrough app with Unity, ARKit and ARCore. The augmented reality application is available on iOS and Android devices.

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