Product Visualization With Augmented Reality

RemodelAR app is for brands, retailers, and advertisers who want to put a modern twist on “try before you buy”. No matter what your customers are looking for, our augmented reality technology will help them visualize your products from the comfort of their own home. The streamlined experience puts power in the hands of the consumer and makes purchasing decisions much quicker and simpler resulting in happy customers, lower product returns, and increased revenue.

RemodelAP interior of a modern kitchen

Immerse Customers. Increase Engagement.

By 2020, augmented reality will be experienced by over 1 billion users. RemodelAR platform offers you an opportunity to strengthen brand recognition and reach new audiences with a custom augmented reality mobile application. As a cutting edge technology, augmented reality will be instrumental in retaining customers, enticing new ones, and edging out the competition.

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Custom Augmented Reality Solutions

At Invonto, we strive to make the best digital experiences using the latest emerging technology. Partnering with us gives you greater flexibility to customize your augmented reality application. The technology is scalable to expand with additional features such as object detection, AR headset experiences, analytics integrations and more. Our augmented reality technology can simulate business cases outside of our displayed examples. We can customize the user interface to incorporate your branding and offer an experience your customers will love. The possibilities are limitless.

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product visualization of a sofa using a tablet
group of creatives creating mobile app mockups

Add AR To Your Existing Mobile App

Edge out the competition by integrating our augmented reality technology into your existing mobile application. Our technology supports iOS and Android devices and can connect to your existing systems including CRM and ERP. With enhanced product visualization, your app will increase user engagement and grow sales.

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3D Content Optimized for Augmented Reality Experiences

RemodelAR technology platform can be customized to create a unique experience around your brand, your products, and your services. Our team will work with your in-house 3D artists to optimize your product models for the RemodelAR app. If you don’t have an in-house team, don’t worry! Our 3D artists will produce high quality and realistic assets tailored for your needs.

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3D rendering of a sofa, product visualization with augmented reality

Personalize Experience with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can help you create repeatable and interactive product demonstrations. With augmented reality, you can personalize shopping experience for your consumers. RemodelAR demonstrates how consumers can try out different products within their home setting before making purchasing decisions. Invonto provides RemodelAR as a customizable solution that you can leverage to create a new consumer app or extend capabilities of your existing offering.

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