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Epicor is the leading provider of business management software including manufacturing ERP software, retail software applications, distribution software, talent management software, automotive aftermarket software, and several other cloud solutions for different industries. Epicor’s retail software systems are installed at retail outlets for top brands across the world. Epicor’s retail solutions offer integrated POS systems, mobility, eCommerce, CRM, cross-channel selling, sourcing, merchandising, inventory management, operations management, business intelligence, and financial management. Epicor’s retail software platform unifies the entire retail enterprise to enable over 500 retail brands to deliver the informed, empowered and seamless omni-channel shopping experiences that their customers demand — no matter where, when or how they shop.

“Invonto helped us develop a web application for one of our enterprise products. There was a real sense of partnership working with the Invonto team.”

Amit Kumar
Director – Strategic Initiatives


Epicor was collecting usage data and error logs for their retail software application at more than 5000 retail outlets globally. Data was stored in databases specific to each customer. There was no front-end / website to show error logs and system warnings. This was making it difficult for Epicor customer service team in tracking issues and resolving them in a timely manner without causing significant outages for retail stores. Epicor wanted to build a retail application management system, a centralized cloud-based application dashboard, that would be more productive for their internal and customer’s technical support teams. That is when Epicor reached out to our team for help.


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epicor wireframe design process


Epicor Retail Application Management System included two components. First component was to collect required data from all retail locations across the world in real-time leveraging remote equipment monitoring (Internet of Things) and storing collected data in a centralized database. Second component was to design and develop a cloud-based dashboard application for displaying machine data to users in a way that will make it easier for them to easily identify systems with critical issues. The enterprise dashboard included a mix of pie charts demonstrating critical issues, warnings, and alerts. Dashboard displayed rollup data for each retail customer from all their retail locations in a card / block style. Epicor customers were provided with white-labelled enterprise dashboards that matched their business branding. The user interface was designed to look and work great on both tablets and desktops.

Epicor software solutions app
Epicor software solutions app
Epicor software solutions app
Epicor software solutions app


Working with Epicor team in developing a dashboard application for their retail software application was a very unique and collaborative experience. We hosted Epicor team at our office in New Jersey to work in a collaborative environment. Each team member on both sides brought a unique skill to the app development project. The Epicor team offered business experience of retail software systems, while Invonto team crafted a digital solution combining user experience design and software solutions development skills. Contribution from both teams made this project a huge success.


The enterprise dashboard application designed and developed by Invonto helped Epicor tech support team reduce response time for each support ticket from 4 hours to 15 minutes! Increase in Epicor team’s productivity is saving company over 120,000 hours per year resulting in $12 Million cost savings each year. Solution helped improve customers’ retail operations by reducing significant system outages at their retail locations.

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