Amazon, Wayfair, Jack Threads, Groupon – the list goes on and on. eCommerce websites are everywhere. However, over the past few years, the ubiquity of standard eCommerce websites has unsurprisingly spread to the mobile world.

The difference between eCommerce and mobile commerce is the opportunity to connect information with objects in a more direct way than has been possible until now. The smartphone is the tool that connects the physical and virtual world.

Many more people have access to a mobile phone than to a computer and this means that mobile commerce has the opportunity to connect not just big businesses but also small business and consumers on a massive scale. In this sense, mobile phones bridge the digital divide and allow organizations and individuals to reach out to one another more easily than ever before.

Invonto has vast experience in mobile application development including mobile commerce applications that have been adopted globally. Invonto provides entire support to extend e-commerce portal to mobile commerce application that offers

  • Mobility, quick accessibility and increased convenience
  • Increase in popularity and business
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Cost effective execution

Consumers are changing their behavior and expectations with regard to shopping and brand loyalty

  • Mobile phones and the web are now allowing people to be more connected than ever.
  • Messages from other consumers are often more valued and trusted than messages from companies.
  • Consumers respond positively to businesses that take the time to understand their needs and offer excellent customer service.
  • Mobile Technology allows businesses to become more service oriented in what they do and to tailor what they provide to better meet the needs of individual consumers.

Businesses are changing the way they do business

  • Businesses are looking for innovative ways to enter into relationships with consumers.
  • Technology allows real two way dialogue between brand owners and consumers.
  • Businesses are also recognizing the value of collaborating more closely with business partners and competitors. Sharing information about consumer behavior and supply chain processes is of critical importance.
  • Businesses are taking advantage of advances in technology to work faster, leaner and more intelligently. Small businesses are no longer at a disadvantage since complex mobile business applications are available via the internet at low cost.

Mobile phones are enabling these changes to happen on a global scale

  • There are billions mobile phones worldwide. This means that over 40% of the world’s population carries a mobile phone, far more than use a computer or have access to the internet.
  • In many developed countries, mobile phone use is above 90% and developing countries are catching up fast.
  • Closer, more personalized relationships between businesses and consumers are possible via mobile phones.
  • Emerging applications and services add value to physical products and brands and go beyond limits previously imposed (such as extended packaging) already exist today on mobile phones.
  • Existing business issues (such as inefficient couponing) can be resolved effectively using mobile technology.
  • Convergence of different technologies on a single device that is available anywhere and anytime is allowing existing technologies (such as the internet) to evolve and extend their reach even farther.

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