The Benefits of Augmented Reality in Construction

Augmented reality enhances the world by blending physical and digital data. It provides real-time data to improve safety and streamline the business. Anyone can experience these applications with headsets or mobile apps. As adoption rises, more companies are seeing the value it brings. AR is gaining popularity in various industries, including construction.

Let’s talk about fives ways augmented reality software can benefit the construction industry.

Onsite safety can be improved by augmented reality construction

1. Onsite Safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 20.7% of worker fatalities are in the construction industry. Most are related to accidental falls. Contractors are familiar with the safety risks on construction sites. AR applications can help protect staff and promote workplace safety.

Contractors can use an augmented reality construction helmet to help locate materials. The headset can visually guide workers to the materials they need. Employees can safely locate materials and avoid dangerous areas. Augmented reality headsets will keep workers hands-free. The hands-free feature helps employees reduce the risk of trips, slips, or falls.

2. Collaboration & Communication

Most projects include large teams from different departments. Successful construction projects depend on communication between each team.

Most workers will not be on site at the same time. That means when an issue arises, resolving it takes valuable time. Without the proper tools, communication can be a logistical nightmare. This will often lead to more delays and less revenue.

Augmented reality in construction enables workers to solve problems. For example, field workers can use AR headsets to share live video. Now, workers can receive real-time advice or instructions from remote experts. AR for collaboration reduces downtime and improves efficiency.

AR applications enable teams to conduct walkthroughs of an entire project. Before the project begins, teams can examine details, measurements, and structures.

augmented reality companies will make construction project planning easier

3. Project Planning & Management

Combining augmented reality and BIM makes project tracking simple. Project design data can be overlaid on a physical construction site. This visualization helps to catch issues before they become costly. Everything behind a wall, from ventilation to piping, is visible. AR applications make project planning and management more efficient.

4. Data Visualization

Building information modeling can benefit from AR apps. Combined with AR, BIM software can produce detailed models of building projects. Clients can interact with a realistic view of their project. They can instantly make changes before construction begins. Clients involved early in the process help prevent expensive changes later.

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5. Workforce Training

Training programs are expensive for construction companies to maintain. AR-powered training helps workers practice job functions virtually. Learning proper protocols and skills helps them prepare for any hazards. Augmented reality applications make training more fun, less labor intensive, and reduces material waste. You can go even further with virtual reality applications for construction.

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The construction industry is constantly evolving. Augmented reality is just one of many technologies pushing construction forward.

Augmented reality offers construction companies the tools they need to plan their projects from beginning to end. AR ensures accuracy, prevents rework, and saves money on building costs. Both construction companies and their customers will benefit greatly.

Our software consultancy, Invonto, builds enterprise AR applications for construction. We’ll help you develop your digital transformation strategy and build powerful web applications and mobile applications that produce results.

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