New Jersey technology leader awardNJBiz recognizes Invonto as one of the most innovative digital technology leaders in the state of New Jersey. Invonto shares this recognition with companies like Virtusa and Princeton Consultants.  We are delighted to be considered alongside renowned companies and distinguished innovators.


About the award

The reimagined Leaders In Digital Technology award from NJBiz recognizes and honors companies and individuals making a significant impact in the digital space. This new program, an evolution of the previous Digi-Tech Innovators Awards, applauds the innovative leaders who are driving transformation and pushing boundaries in the digital technology industry. The award celebrates those who are shaping the future of technology and paving the way for a digital revolution in the state of New Jersey.

Why Invonto stands out

  • A tenacious approach to innovation and digital transformation – At Invonto, we pride ourselves on being a lean and agile team to deliver unique value throughout each stage of a project.
  • A culture of innovation – Our team of visionary leaders and skilled developers are genuinely curious and believe in the unlimited potential of technology.
  • Commitment to the New Jersey community – We are grateful to be part of the diverse New Jersey community and aspire to have a positive impact where we can. With efforts like our COVID relief fund, Invonto sets an example for other local businesses.
  • Provider of American jobs – Across the Garden State, and America, we believe in the talent our country has to offer and promote building a strong American workforce by putting American jobs first.

Since 2008, we have been revolutionizing organizations across the USA with custom and innovative technology solutions. Our exceptional team has helped numerous organizations automate operations, enhance client relationships, and tap into their full business potential through groundbreaking technology solutions. Over the last decade, Invonto has achieved an extraordinary milestone by delivering an incredible $3.35B in revenue growth for some of the country’s most innovative enterprises!

We continuously spearhead technology innovation not only within New Jersey but also throughout the entire country. With a passion for helping enterprise businesses thrive by harnessing the power of emerging technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, and IoT, as well as our commitment to providing jobs in America, we are honored to be named a top digital leader in New Jersey.

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