New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) has recognized Invonto as one of the most innovative tech companies in NJ for its “Innovate NJ” publication which features NJ’s most innovative companies. Invonto will share the space with {list 3 or 4 prominent businesses also featured in the book), and several other prominent NJ businesses. Here is an excerpt of our featured story in the publication.

Since 2008, Invonto has been creating custom and innovative technology solutions for the organizations across the USA. Invonto’s award-winning team helps organizations automate operations, strengthen client relationships and unlock business potential through innovative technology solutions. In the last decade, Invonto has delivered nearly $2.7B in revenue growth for some of the country’s most innovative enterprises!

With expertise in cloud, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) cloud development and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we guide our clients through each stage of their digital initiatives—from digital strategy and solution design through product launch—to deliver measurable business success.

Made in America with NJ roots

Part of what sets our technology consultancy apart is our commitment to being 100% made in America. Invonto is a firm supporter of the U.S. brand. The leadership team has built a thriving business by investing in the country’s most valuable resource: American workers.

“The diverse American workforce is not only highly skilled, dynamic and innovative, it is also one of the world’s most productive. By maintaining a US-based workforce, we are supporting a stronger US economy while delivering a superior customer experience.”

To further support the US brand, Invonto built Apps Inc. ( and American Inc. ( , two curated business directories for America’s top businesses. Designed specifically for businesses that value American craftsmanship, each platform makes it easy to connect with US-based companies that offer professional products and services. Apps Inc. is the perfect platform to promote U.S. based businesses in the technology industry. You’ll find top web development agencies, digital marketing agencies, and public relations firms. American Inc. focuses more on the American brand exclusively promoting U.S. businesses across industries including retail, healthcare, advertising, and real estate. Moving forward, we will continue to promote and support American brands utilizing these business platforms. 

Headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, we have enjoyed over a decade of success in a state that’s known for its vibrant economic climate. Among the highest ranking states for job creation and gross domestic product, NJ offers an ideal location for US-based businesses. The state ranks #2 for education and boasts one of the most diverse populations in the country. We are proud of our Garden State roots and are always looking for ways to give back. Invonto is a member of the TechUnited New Jersey, the Somerset County Business Partnership, and the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board. We provide mentoring to early-stage startups to support continued innovation and job growth in the area. 

Additionally, Invonto has been honored by the US Department of Commerce and state-level agencies for our continued investment in creating and keeping jobs in the USA. 

A culture of innovation

A strong, positive culture drives innovation. When individuals and teams come together in a positive way to collaborate, brainstorm and problem-solve, they tap into a creative force that inspires change. That is the Invonto way.

At Invonto, we believe passionately in the value of a healthy work, life and family balance. Because the business is built entirely on digital applications where all critical information is easily accessible, employees are offered the option to work remotely. And when in the office, the team is encouraged to participate in a number of activities to help them prioritize their mental and physical health.

Invonto employees are also encouraged to experiment with new technologies to support their own continued innovation and augment their skill sets. Plus, through ongoing collaboration with other departments within the organization, each member of the team has a robust understanding of the business as a whole—its various processes and functions, the array of products and services offered and the interdependencies that create success. 

Fostered by a culture that embodies the continued pursuit of innovation, education and collaboration, Invonto employees enjoy a rewarding path of professional development and the desire to go above and beyond to serve and delight customers. 

Brands Trust Invonto with Their Digital Transformation

We have been supporting businesses across America through innovation, superior service and revenue-generating digital products. In the last ten years, we’ve partnered with top brands like Transamerica, D. R. Horton, Epicor, Sealed Air, Sharp, YMCA, West, Merck and many others to create transformative digital solutions across a range of diverse industries, including high-tech, finance, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and entertainment.

Our experienced US-based team helps businesses build high-quality digital products in a timely manner and receive greater value from their investments. Innovative solutions, built by the Invonto team, are designed to supercharge our clients’ business to help them become industry leaders.  

Invonto has contributed to the success of many organizations:

  • Improved employee collaboration and streamlined construction processes for D. R. Horton with enterprise scheduling software and a field service application.
  • Enabled event managers to view products, place orders, track shipments, and report issues from a mobile app built for Party Rental.
  • Transformed Star-Lo Electric’s sales, field service, payroll, back-office, and purchasing operations with mobile-friendly cloud applications.
  • Automated sales and packaging design processes, enabled knowledge-sharing across departments, and modernized customer operations for Sealed Air through innovative technology solutions for cloud, mobile, and IoT.
  • Developed a virtual reality application that could simulate Merck’s equipment and floor plan allowing them to gather feedback and make design changes before their new facility is built.

With a proven track record of providing technology solutions for any business challenge, the Invonto  team has earned a reputation as successful problem-solvers, creatives, technical experts, and innovators.

Invonto leads the charge in digital innovation

When it comes to innovation, Invonto is always one step ahead. From being an early adopter of cloud and mobile technology to now investing in augmented and virtual reality, our team is passionate about exploring and creating innovative digital solutions.

With our research and development lab, we partner with businesses of all sizes to experiment with cloud, mobile, IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality, and AIfrom idea formation to the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP). 

“Building successful enterprise applications is no simple feat. The foundation of our success lies in our team’s vast experience in cloud computing and mobile technologies. Our depth of knowledge allows us to strategically build and quickly scale applications, which is incredibly important whether you are building for web and mobile or experimenting with emerging technology like AR, VR, IoT and AI.” –Maulik Shah

Invonto recently launched the Virtual Reality Roadshow, a series of interactive events designed to educate local businesses on the benefits and practical applications of VR technology. The program is the only one of its kind and marks an important step in a bigger agenda for New Jersey: establishing the state as a hub for technology innovation and helping local businesses grow through technology adoption.

Invonto’s CEO, Maulik Shah, is often featured in digital and print publications for his views on technology trends, digital transformation, the American workforce, and entrepreneurship. He encapsulates his learnings from more than 20 years of industry experience in his recent book, “The Digital Transformation Cookbook,” an Amazon best seller. The book offers deep insights into digital strategies, key technologies, and methodologies that help businesses grow.

As a company that has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, Invonto plays an important role in the NJ tech scene, building innovative solutions with new technologies and garnering recognition for our work throughout America and across the globe. We have received accolades for our work by the TechUnited New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Tech Council), Thrive Global, CIO Magazine and Carnegie Mellon University.

Over the next several years, we plan to expand our footprint across America, build groundbreaking solutions for IoT, AI, AR, and VR, and accelerate technology growth in NJ through participation and investment in the community.

Supporting The Community During Unprecedented Times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has created much uncertainty in our professional and personal lives. To limit the spread of the virus, the government is setting travel restrictions. Most businesses are operating virtually. Consumers are urged not to venture outdoors unless absolutely necessary. This is creating many challenges for businesses that are looking to sustain and grow. Businesses that were considering or in the process of digital transformation during the coronavirus pandemic have to rethink their strategies to make customer experiences their top priority.

Invonto believes that the right technology has the power to help businesses meet customer needs, maintain revenue streams, and support employees. In an effort to support struggling US businesses during this crisis, Invonto launched the $5 million technical assistance relief program designed to help businesses in need of improving their technology solutions.

In a state that is mainly known for its leadership in pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses, casinos, beaches, and proximity to New York and Philadelphia; Invonto remains a unique and exciting company which leads technology innovation in the area and across the country.

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